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2/16/17: How to Attract Money Using Mind Power being republished and new books being published in 2017. For free PDF copy of HTAMUMP subscribe to my ezine. I will be appearing in the upcoming film, THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich due out in March.


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​​James Goi Jr., aka The Attract Money Guru™, is the internationally-published author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. His book is a serious work in which he quotes 160 other books. Foreign editions have been published by publishers in India (English), Lebanon (Arabic), Italy (Italian) and Mexico (Spanish) and those foreign editions are available in many other countries around the world. 
     James has spent his adult life learning of the true nature of reality and how human beings can live in such a way as to govern the unseen forces of the universe to bring about desired conditions and circumstances in seemingly miraculous ways. But the resulting outcomes are not miracles at all--they are the natural outgrowth of the orderly unfolding and demonstrating of the laws of energy and consciousness purposely directed to bring about specific, predetermined ends.
     Though he will likely always be best known as the attracting-money-with-mind-power guy, James has written and will be writing on a wide range of subjects. Over the years he’s lectured on metaphysics and spirituality with an emphasis on manifesting abundance. Back to money though, James believes that in today’s economy, the information he shares is more needed than ever, and that his teachings could mean the difference between financial success and financial ruin for any individual, family, business, or organization.
     Finally, until James republishes How to Attract Money Using Mind Power you can get a free PDF copy of the entire book when you subscribe to James' free monthly Mind Power & Money Ezine. To subscribe, CLICK HERE.​


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