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​​James Goi Jr., aka The Attract Money Guru™, keeps wide open the door for the universe to support his ongoing efforts to serve humankind. If James or his work have helped you significantly or if you just want to help support him and his work, please feel free to do so. No minimum; no maximum. And unless you've got someone or something better in mind, please feel free to include James in your will or trust, and to let him know if you've done so. James lives his life in service to others, and by helping him you will be helping others in profound, meaningful, and life-changing ways. If you've read even just one of his books, you'll know that to be true. And in case you're wondering, no, your donation is not tax deductible. You can donate through PayPal using the email address. To donate in any other way, and/or to discuss your donation plans and options with James, please contact James directly at that same email address. Thank you for your support.

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